Sunday, January 9, 2011

Thankyou Twitter!

I asked Twitter for the contact number for SES -(132 500) and was overwhelmed by the quick response. Later, the comments kept flowing, from offers to help me clean up, to accommodation and cat-friendly households. 

To read everyone's loving and genuine offers of help gave hubby and I great hope.  Thankyou all so much. 

By the way, when I rang SES (State Emergency Service) I had to state my suburb, then was put through to City Hall Brisbane. They were very patient, kind and eager to help.  I rang back later quoting my reference number and cancelled the call –out as I though others may need them more than us.

Our son came around and climbed up on the roof and changed the broken tile in the pouring rain and pitch black.  I would NOT recommend doing this at all.  But yeah, he’s my hero!

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