Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Nobbys Beach *circa 1984


Gaggled bodies

gleaming sunstruck

in the wet heat

catch a wave...

ride a day


Rubber seals

pontoons legged

and thrashing arms

to speed across

the curve; stand bended

backflip into foaming coolness


Hurry hurry the morning

slides across to noon

Listen to music

smell salty youth


Seagulls lined

white fencing

flurry of whiteness

blurred legs - red

A clutch of sun

Themselves watching

tidal lick the shore.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mum Part 25

Four weeks and three days after mum was taken by ambulance to the Mater Hospital for her fractured hip, she returned home. My sister was there to greet her. My brother was there to meet her.

Both Butcher birds sat fatly on the back verandah, the afternoon breeze ruffling their feathers.

Mum walked around the house, gently guided by the Occupational Therapist. Rugs are moved. Fingers point to areas of conflict; and things are quietly taken up, put aside, rolled away. The foot stool has been banished to the laundry. The bathroom and toilet areas are inspected for safety.

Can she slip on this? Will she catch her foot on that?


The house looks different to mum. You don’t need to leave home for long to see the familiar in a new light. She looks around, trying to reconnect. Grandchildren smile from their photo frames.

Although she will still need to attend the gym daily, and heal a little more, she will be home soon.


Welcome home mum.


Thankyou for following the progress of mum's hip, I hope it gave you some insight.  If you would like to comment, feel free, it's appreciated.  Many thanks.