Thursday, April 24, 2014

On Anzac Day

On Anzac Day,
They stand, soldier-stiff,
row upon row,
Faceless yet united with a common base.

They wait, patiently,
regimental in their ranks,
White-washed with intent.

They sit, helplessly organised,
Mustering the courage and teeth gritting determination,
Not to stand out, not be heroic,
But to simply do their job. Their task.

Also, chairs.

Tomorrow when the Silence comes

Tomorrow, when the silence comes
In shadow and sunshine
to sit thickly on young shoulders
We will remember them.

The Johnnies and Yemats
The Harries and the others
Who came for adventure and
Stayed to claim their lives.

Tomorrow when the silence comes
We will breathe as one,
As our fathers, sons and great greats
Gently stand beside us in life.

The crowd will cough a little
And shuffle as memories settle
In bright sun. Heads bowed
We will remember them,
When the silence comes tomorrow.