Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Qld Floods - almost a year later

It was my mother in law's home.

I blogged and photographed the event and over 16,000 readers have shared my story. It's all here, in fact reading parts of it and seeing the photos has set off my tears again. Still distressing. It must be deeply hidden.

The house was my mother in laws: she had to have it bulldozed, and the land is still vacant, covered in weeds. I asked her about it over Christmas.

“Have you been back Gwen? Have you seen the land? Taken photos?"

She just shook her head, and said later: “It's too sad. I can't look at it.”

Her mouth tries to smile, but for a moment her chin wavers. I held her hand briefly, just a squeeze. I am here for you. I know. I understand.

It's heartbreaking stuff at 77, nearly 78, to start again, by yourself.

Brisbane City Council have given her a lot of grief, too. Too long to go into here, but she does hope to start building in January 2012.

"That house would have seen me out" she says. Squeeze. "I have to make so many decisions, I just don't know anymore." Squeeze.

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