Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hamitlon Island - thoughts

People have to swim quietly here, this is not a place for kidding around or chiacking, indeed, the inner child is so suppressed we swim like ballerinas en point, delicately, with precision, and as little rippling as possible.
It’s a wonderful thing to be worn out from usefulness.
The thing about Rockhampton is, that it taught me resilience and initiative.
I am sharing the pool with men. Men who's thighs have grown soft and flabby like a woman. From too much work. Desk work, mind work. Not physical work. A man who works hard physically, say as a road repairer or gardener, has thighs like tree trunks, strong, thick and made of iron, if that were possible of human flesh.
My thoughts barely have time to form before they disappear like fog, leaving only the memory of confusion.


Neilius said...

Cyclists have tree trunk legs :)

It's unfortunate the resort culture suppressed your inner child - being child-like is what we need in order to have a good rest, I think.

Beecham Motors said...

Yes, the 12yo in me had to shut up the whole time! Couln't even squeel with delight at the unexpected fresh temperature, lol. *sighs (It was a swimming pool for over 18yo. No Marco Polo, which was a GOOD thing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Patty,
Love your writing ... heart warming, effortless laid back style.
Hope to hear more about your new writing projects. Karen :0