Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hoping tomorrow never comes

Another week, another tragedy at our doorstep. 

I even joked with my husband that this week would be free of any drama, natural or man made, and yet here I sit with the TV remote glued to my hand, flicking between each station and news reporter. 

 I finally turned it off when I saw a deceased person being carried out of the rubble that was their office, their workplace. Although I am a funeral photographer, there are some images I don’t wish to see. I’m tired, exhausted emotionally, the same as every other Queenslander.

Tomorrow the images will still be there.  I’ll look again tomorrow, but not now, not today. My candle burns for the hearts of each New Zealander.

I’ll blow it out at sunset, and re-light it tomorrow. Meanwhile, stay safe, and hug your Loved Ones.

Tomorrow will be here soon enough.

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